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Preferred Veterinary Dental Care
Preferred Veterinary Dental Care
Preferred Veterinary Dental Care
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Oral Pet Care is All We Do

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When you are finished save, print, and then email to animaldentalnw@gmail.com or fax the form to our clinic. Our Fax number is 503-445-4509.

Referring Veterinarians

Animal Dental Clinic is a specialty and referral practice that provides advanced dental care, continuing education and advice to referring veterinarians. Advanced dentistry and oral surgery for pets is our focus, and we do not offer general veterinary care.

Animal Dental Clinic works closely with veterinarians all over the Pacific Northwest to provide complementary levels of advanced oral care for your patients. If you wish to refer your patient to see one of our dentists, please complete the referral form and email it along with the patient’s medical records, current lab work, and any photographs/dental radiographs to animaldentalnw@gmail.com.

Here at Animal Dental Clinic, blood-work is required within 30 days to 3 months of an anesthetic procedure, depending on age and health of the patient. If the patient does not have current blood work, it is recommended that lab work be performed at your facility prior to the dental consultation. Doing so can helps facilitate scheduling of the recommended treatment. However, the lab work can be performed by our dental team if necessary.  The following blood work is recommend based on species and age:

  • Canine patients (4 month to 10 years): Pre-Op or Jr. Wellness Brief chemistry panel with complete CBC.
  • Canine patients (10 years and older): Total Body Function; Extended Senior Chemistry Panel, Complete CBC, and a Thyroid Profile if appropriate.
  • Feline patients (4 months to 10 years):  Junior Wellness or Pre-Op Chemistry Panel; Brief chemistry with complete CBC.
  • Feline patients (10 years and older):  Total Body Function or Senior Panel; Extended Chemistry, Complete CBC, T4, with ProBnp.

Phone Consultation for Veterinary Professionals

We provide an open platform to address questions, concerns and offer advice. Our Dental Specialists are available by phone when you have questions about cases or patient care, and can also provide digital dental radiographic evaluation/interpretation.  Prior to the phone consultation, you may email dental radiographs and any oral photographs to animaldentalnw@gmail.com. We encourage veterinary professionals to reach out to ADC for case guidance and are happy to help any way we can.

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Working With Us

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