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Oral Emergencies

Oral emergencies can be scary for patients and their owners. The following are considered true emergencies that should be seen immediately for care:

  • Severe pain causing inability to eat
  • Inability to open, close or use mouth
  • A broken jaw
  • Teeth that are displaced from their sockets
  • Freshly fractured teeth can sometimes be saved if treated within 24-48 hours of pulp exposure/fracture
  • Objects stuck in the mouth or throat
  • ANY bleeding from the mouth

Please call Animal Dental Clinic immediately for advice if you find any of these emergencies. In some cases, our staff can accommodate same day treatment of emergency cases.


Some injuries and conditions of the oral cavity need prompt care before they become systemic disease processes. Please schedule a consultation as soon as you note any of the following in your pet:

  • ANY oral lump, bump, growth, tumor. Early detection can make a significant difference in whether or not a malignant tumor can be diagnosed and treated before it becomes life-threatening.
  • Freshly fractured teeth can sometimes be saved if treated within 24-48 hours of pulp exposure/fracture.
  • ANY swelling of the face, head, tongue or jaws. Urgent care is often required for trauma, tumors, infections, inflammation, and oral pain.
  • Severe halitosis: If "it smells like something died in there," bad breath can indicate deep bone infection that causes pain and organ system failure.

The doctors and staff at Animal Dental Clinic are here for emergency and urgent care of all oral and maxillofacial conditions.

Should your pet experience a dental emergency outside our normal business hours, please call one of these emergency hospitals or your primary veterinarian: